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428                               HFE   OF
another, a list of eminent men wlio had been her pride,
and among them, William Ton Humboldt, Most of
Ms companions had preceded him when he died in
He lived, as we hare said, in Tegel; his mind was
clear and bright, though Ms physical strength had sunk.
For several year§ he had not been able to write on
account of the tremulousness in his hand, but the
debility did not become alarming until the winter
1834—1835. His mind was as cheerful and calm as
ever. On the 5th February 1835, he wrote to
ISTicolovius:—" I am no sufferer^ but live a quietly
happy life with my children, and alone with my
labours and my dreams, in memories of the past and
happy thoughts of the future."
living with him were his daughters, Caroline, the
eldest, Madame von Hedemann, with her husband,
and Madame von Billow, who had come with her
children on a visit. Humboldt's brother lived in
Berlin, and within reach. Thus surrounded by a
circle of loving relatives, and ceaselessly labouring to
give the finishing stroke to his Kawi work, he enjoyed
the last days of his life.
But suddenly the catastrophe commenced which
concluded his life. A cold which he caught in
February, 1835, brought on a severe attack of illness^ •
*of which he died on the 8th of April. 1835.
The crown-prince and Prince William, the brother
of the kingy had visited him in his last illness, and
had sincerely shared the grief of the family. Alex-
ander wrote immediately after his brother's death to
Arago, in Paris: cc I had the misfortune to lose my
brother the clay before yesterday, and am in the most
profound grief- In great distress we think of those
dearest to us, and 1 feel a slight consolation in writing
to you. We saw Mm dying for six days. His weak-
ness had, painfully mcz^ased during the last week ; a
continued trembling had showed itself in all his
limbs* but his mind, had retained all its native